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Residential Services


Protect your home from weather, sunlight, and more!
Trust in Bluefin Roofing for the best residential roofing solutions & professional installation. 3-tab shingles, clay tile, roll roofing & more! Call (205) 683-8010 today! Few of us give much thought to the roof over our head… at least, until something goes wrong. But wouldn’t it be better not to worry at all? At Bluefin Roofing, we use only high-quality residential roofing materials to ensure you’re happy with your choice. We fully test our materials, hire licensed roofing contractors, and above all else, we focus on customer satisfaction!


3-Tab Shingles
The primary reason so many homeowners opt for 3-tab shingles, and why you should consider them too, is because of their cost. You see, 3-tab shingles, while not as popular as they once were, are indeed affordable. If you have a small budget, then we highly recommend opting for a 3-tab shingle roofing system. Our installation experts will handle this job professionally for you.


Laminated Shingles
Laminated shingles are made from the same base materials as 3-tab shingles. As you’d imagine, laminated shingles are another cost-effective roofing solution for residential properties. The biggest difference between laminated vs. 3-tab is their size and durability. You’ll require more laminated shingles for a single roof, but thanks to an extra layer under the lower half, the roofing solution is more durable. The thickness of laminated is twice that of 3-tab, which is perfect for heavy weather conditions.


Low-Slope Roll Roofing
Modern roll roofing sounds almost too good to be true. As one of the easiest and cheapest materials to get your hands on, roll roofing is essentially the most cost-effective option available. Roll roofing is often used for sheds, shops, and garages. Typically, roll roofing is not used for occupied buildings such as your home, but it’s a good roofing solution for outbuildings.


Designer Shingles
For many homeowners, the roof is simply a component that’s in place overhead, and it’s given little thought. However, when you use designer shingles, then your roof can take a visually important, front-and-center position. We use high-quality designer shingles that mimic the appearance of terracotta tile or slate roofing. Anything you can dream of, designer shingles can match.


Clay Tile Shingles
A tile roof is an investment. The energy-efficiency, durability, low maintenance requirements, and boost to property values make clay tile shingles a sound choice. You can expect to pay more for clay tiles than concrete – around 30% more on average. Still, clay tiles remain a very popular choice, and for good reason, too. With proper installation from Bluefin Roofing, your new clay tile roof could last a lifetime!


Metal Shingles
It wasn’t that long ago that metal roofing picked up a bad reputation – but those days are long gone. You see, metal shingles are now a viable option for residential roofing. With a variety of styles, materials, and colors available, metal shingles can truly make your home shine.


Metal Roof Panels
Are you hoping to lower the energy and maintenance requirements of your home? Then look no further than metal roofing panels. Residential metal roofing panels are known both for their high durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. You get stability, safety, and efficiency. Need assistance in choosing the residential roofing solution that’s best for you? We’ll be glad to answer all your questions. Call Bluefin Roofing at (205) 683-8010.

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